Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause So Much Trouble?

why-do-wisdom-teeth-cause-so-much-troubleWisdom teeth get their name from the fact that they show up late. While most of your permanent teeth show up by the time you enter your early teens, wisdom teeth take their time in appearing and usually don’t arrive until the late teens or early 20s. By that point, you’ve become at least a little wiser, and so your wisdom teeth appear to mark the occasion. Read more

What Makes Cosmetic Dentistry Different From General Dentistry?

what-makes-cosmetic-dentistry-different-from-general-dentistryEvery medical field has its specialties. Different doctors will focus on things like parts of the body, illnesses, accidents, and so on. Dentistry is no different, and along with regular checkups and cavity fillings you can visit your dentist’s office for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, periodontics, and more. But what exactly makes them different? What can cosmetic dentistry do that general dentistry can’t? Read more

4 Alternatives To Fillings

4-alternatives-to-fillingsWhen your tooth gets a cavity, your dentist will drill off the damaged and infected part of your tooth and then fill in the empty space with one of several materials, usually a kind of metal composite. It’s a simple (if sometimes painful) operation that almost everyone goes through at least once. But what happens when a basic drilling and filling isn’t enough to repair the damage? The answer to that question depends on where and just how bad the damage is. Read more

Professional Cosmetic Dentistry For Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, And Westlake Village Residents

Professional Cosmetic Dentistry For Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, And Westlake Village ResidentsDespite using oral hygiene techniques for a healthy and clean mouth, some patients still require cosmetic dentistry for a variety of different reasons. Regardless of how much a person brushes and flosses, or the type of utensils used for the process, unexpected accidents can still occur and leave them in need of some help to get their beautiful smile back intact. A car crash, a pickup game of basketball, or multiple other activities can result in one or more teeth becoming broken, chipped, and even knocked out on occasion. Be prepared for such instances by knowing where to turn whenever the need arises. Read more

4 Materials Used For Filling Teeth

4 Materials Used For Filling TeethOnce your dentist has finished drilling off the damaged and decaying parts of your tooth, the standard filling is called an amalgam. However, that’s not your only option and in fact, you have a few different options if you’d rather try something different. Read more

What To Do About A Broken Tooth

What To Do About A Broken ToothMost people will have to deal with cavities from time to time, but chipped and broken teeth are another matter. Depending on how you spend your time, a chipped tooth could either be possible or almost inevitable. Or you could go your entire life without having to worry about a broken tooth. But since accidents do happen and some of those accidents can hit you right in the jaw, it’s good to know what to expect when you go to the dentist’s office with a damaged tooth. Read more

Take These Aspects Of Cosmetic Dentistry Into Account When Considering Dental Implants

Take These Aspects Of Cosmetic Dentistry Into Account When Considering Dental ImplantsAt one time, dentures were a sought-after commodity by people missing teeth, and in some cases they still are, but more and more patients are opting for dental implants these days because of the benefits that they provide. Advances in Cosmetic dentistry and technology have made it possible for people to receive a fully functional set of teeth, which are also natural in appearance. There is nothing wrong with dentures, as they are a tried-and-true method, but implants offer a comfortableness that traditional dentures can not provide. Read more

When Does A Tooth Have To Come Out?

When Does A Tooth Have To Come Out?Tooth extraction is sort of the nuclear option when it comes to oral procedures. You have to go through plenty of pain and discomfort when you get a filling or a root canal, but it’s worth it because it lets you keep your natural teeth. A tooth removal means living without that tooth for the rest of your life and either getting an expensive implant or a weaker denture instead. Read more

What Makes A Root Canal Different From A Filling?

What Makes A Root Canal Different From A Filling?Almost every adult in the world will get at least one cavity in their lifetime. Some will only have one or two, some will have a new cavity practically every time they visit the dentist, but going from birth to death with perfectly clean, healthy teeth is extremely rare. Read more

What Leads People To Grind Their Teeth?

What Leads People To Grind Their Teeth?So here’s how the hardness scale works in a nutshell: if one object can scratch another, the second object’s hardness is weaker than or equal to the first object. You can scratch a piece of limestone with a nail, but you’ll never scratch a nail with a piece of limestone. Read more