Why You Should Care About Crooked Teeth

Why You Should Care About Crooked TeethThe classic perfect smile is white (or nearly white) and completely straight teeth. They look good when you smile, but is that all there is to it? Is a good smile really the only reason to go through months or years of braces, surgery, and retainer use? Read more

Wearing Braces Means Avoiding These Foods

Wearing Braces Means Avoiding These FoodsYour teeth are full of nooks and crannies where food particles can hide and feed the bacteria that cause gingivitis and plaque.  Brushing and flossing regularly gets them out well enough, but then metal braces make things even harder by adding more hiding spots that are harder for toothbrushes to reach and metal wires that get in the way of floss.  Certain hard foods can also snap off the brackets since the adhesive keeping them in place is weaker than your tooth enamel. Read more

The Secret In Your Smile

The Secret In Your Smile What do you do when you’re all grown up and realize that you need braces? You worry about how you’ll look. You can’t help that you’re self-conscious about your smile; who isn’t? Sure, you want to have a grin that’s worthy of the best selfie, but at what cost? When you think back to junior high, you remember how awkward and different the kids who had braces looked. No one looked happy about wearing them, but they did all have nice teeth by high school! Maybe all of that awkwardness was worth it; now you wish that you had done something sooner. Read more

Braces And Good Dental Hygiene

Braces And Good Dental HygieneBraces play an important role in making sure that your teeth come in straight and without any complications. This is important for making sure that your smile is good-looking and healthy, but it also ensures that your teeth won’t twist out of place years later. Improperly aligned teeth can cause practical problems along with cosmetic ones, since it can be hard to chew when your upper and lower teeth don’t make contact and teeth that push up against one another can cause pain and infections. Read more

Braces Aren’t Just About A Pretty Smile

Braces Aren’t Just About A Pretty SmileIt seems to be a common misconception that braces are all about vanity. Specifically, you sacrifice some of your dignity in middle and high school (what with the metal studs glued to your teeth) and then you gain it all back thanks to a perfect smile which will (hopefully) last the rest of your lifetime. However, neither of these facts is completely true. Read more

What You Should Know About Braces

What You Should Know About BracesBraces have become something of a rite of passage in our culture. So many kids wear them to correct an otherwise imperfect smile, it’s practically a given that at least one child in every family will require braces. Of course, braces aren’t just for kids. Sometimes adults also require the orthodontic correction afforded by braces. Read more

Braces Options And How They Work

Braces Options And How They WorkBraces are used to close gaps and straighten teeth over time, and we at Community Dental Group have several different options when it comes to braces and brace installation. Typically, braces are most common during adolescence, but they may be installed at any point throughout a person’s life. Once adult teeth grow in to the mouth, any misaligned teeth or spaces in between teeth can cause problems with biting, chewing, or the alignment of the jaw, and braces can help to fix all of these issues with one procedure. Read more

Bridging The Gap, With Ease And Grace

Bridging The Gap, With Ease And GraceOne thing that many people do not always realize is that even when we have socially reached an age of maturity, our bodies are still developing. This is especially true for the bones in the face and the skull, and the result is that orthodontic procedures can just as easily become a consideration for youths and people who are older. Read more

How To Tell If You’re A Candidate For Getting Braces

How To Tell If You’re A Candidate For Getting BracesMost people feel that straight, white teeth are a good indicator of beauty and health. But if it feels like your bite isn’t aligned properly or that your teeth do not look that straight, then it may be time to consider getting braces and undergo some other type of orthodontic procedure and/or treatment. If you do need braces, then your dentist will probably refer you to an orthodontist in order to address these issues. However, there is some self-examination that can be performed at home in order to determine whether or not you do need them. Read more

What You Should Know Before You Or Your Child Get Braces

What You Should Know Before You Or Your Child Get BracesMost individuals evenly positioned white teeth as a sign of beauty, health, and good oral hygiene. So when there are noticeable spaces between your teeth or if they are misaligned, you may have to consider getting braces. Getting your teeth examined at Community Dental Group can help you determine whether or not braces are in order. Read more