Bridging The Gap, With Ease And Grace

Bridging The Gap, With Ease And GraceOne thing that many people do not always realize is that even when we have socially reached an age of maturity, our bodies are still developing. This is especially true for the bones in the face and the skull, and the result is that orthodontic procedures can just as easily become a consideration for youths and people who are older.

Skull and jaw formation is one of the more fascinating aspect of human development. Sutures along the crown are not fully fused until people have reached their mid to late thirties, which also means that orthodontic problems with spacing, gaps, and crowding may become apparent over time. For many residents in Thousand Oaks, CA, this can present a challenge, since correcting the issue is a definite focus for an improved appearance, although many people who are past their twenties can also feel uncomfortable about wearing braces at such a late age.


Choices For Change

Modern orthodontics have advanced significantly, with changes in the techniques for straightening teeth that can also support a number of lifestyles.

  • Traditional braces – the basic metal braces which slowly push teeth back into alignment over time are still an option, and may be necessary in cases where significant crowding and gaps are present. However, these also tend to be used more for very severe orthodontic conditions, since other means of alignment are also widely used.
  • Invisible braces – these are not to be confused with re-alignment trays, as they are more akin to traditional braces, except that they use acrylic anchors to adhere to the teeth. This reduces their visibility, but can still give the benefits of an extreme realignment.
  • Spacing trays – these are clear trays that are often used in mild to moderate orthodontic conditions, and have the benefit of being nearly invisible. They can also make it easier to brush the teeth during the process of re-alignment, and are a popular choice with older clients.

The truth is that people do not need to live with crooked teeth or gaps in spacing. Even more mature residents in Thousand Oaks have options that can improve both the look of their smile, and the health of their mouth.

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