What Makes A Toothbrush Smart?

What Makes A Toothbrush Smart?It seems like all of our tools and appliances are getting smarter these days. By adding tiny sensors and cameras to an object and connecting to your phone with Bluetooth, just about everything in your home can gather and analyze more information than ever before. And as it turns out, your electric toothbrush is no exception. Read more

Oral Cancer – Causes, Warning Signs, And Treatment

Oral Cancer – Causes, Warning Signs, And TreatmentOral cancer is a serious medical condition that can have life-altering effects on your health. Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells grow uncontrollably, attacking and causing damage to tissue. Oral cancer can be considered any cancer of the lips, tongue, cheeks, roof or floor of the mouth, palates, throat, and sinuses. Oral cancer appears as a growth or sore in the mouth that does not go away and needs to be treated early, otherwise proving life threatening. Over 40,000 people in the United States are diagnosed annually with oral cancer. Read more

The Power of Tooth Whitening

power-of-tooth-whiteningHave you been seeing a noticeable difference in your smile lately? Perhaps your teeth are not as white and vibrant as you are used to or they lack their shine and luster. Well, several benefits go along with tooth whitening if you are looking to restore your dazzling smile. Read more

Signs Showing It May be Time to Change Toothbrushes

signs-showing-it-may-time-to-change-toothbrushesMany dental professionals will tell you about the importance of changing out and replacing your toothbrush. They will usually recommend that this is done about every three months or even sooner if there are clear and visible signs of wear and tear. Read more

Could A New Drug Cause Dentin To Grow?

Could A New Drug Cause Dentin To Grow?Human teeth consist of three layers. The outer layer is enamel, a white, translucent material that happens to be the hardest substance in the human body. The middle layer is dentin, which is about half mineral and half organic and shares a lot in common with your bones. The innermost layer is the pulp, which is made up of living cells and supports the living parts of dentin. Read more

Your Next Dental Exam Might Use Squid Ink

Your Next Dental Exam Might Use Squid InkRight now, doctors, dentists, and medical researchers are looking for better and more accurate ways to check your teeth for cavities, gum disease, and other common issues. After all the ways we have right now may work well enough, but we can always find a better way. Read more

2 New Techs That Are Changing Dentistry

2 New Techs That Are Changing DentistryTechnology is always marching forward. New technology has brought about things like cavity filling options that include composites and amalgams, mouth appliances for sleep apnea, x-ray machines that can scan the whole mouth at once, and realistic-looking dentures and implants. Even essentials like Novocain and electric drills were new once upon a time. Read more

Could Aspirin Be The Solution To Tooth Decay?

Could Aspirin Be The Solution To Tooth Decay?Cavities are the most common problem out there when it comes to teeth. Our mouths are full of a bacteria that dissolves enamel and dentin, the two materials that make up the outside of our teeth, and even if you care for your teeth properly there’s a good chance that you’ll get several cavities before you’re 18 years old. Read more

Would You Use Squid Ink At The Dentist’s Office?

Would You Use Squid Ink At The Dentist’s Office? Too many Americans forgo the dentist’s office out of fear and don’t realize the harm they’re doing to themselves as a result. Skipping the dentist can lead to a host of serious health problems, which will be much more painful to correct in the long run. If you consider yourself to be one of these individuals, would you consider using a less invasive method to have your gums examined? If so, you may be in luck. Research from the University of California at San Diego has revealed that squid ink could be used to check for gum disease. Read more

Don’t Neglect Your Bleeding Gums

Don’t Neglect Your Bleeding Gums We’ve discussed what causes your bleeding gums, but it’s also important to know what happens if you neglect them. It may be easy to rinse your mouth out and go on with your day, but there are serious health complications that can arise if you do not tend to your bleeding gums. Read more