Overcoming Your Fears Leads To Better Dental Health

Overcoming Your Fears Leads To Better Dental Health You’ve ignored the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of having a missing tooth for a while now. You’ve said that you’ll see a dentist eventually, but eventually keeps getting further and further away. Now, you no longer want to go out socially, you’ve stopped smiling, and you go out of your way to avoid foods that you used to love just because you can’t chew them properly. Read more

TMJ Can Be A Real Pain In The Jaw

TMJ Can Be A Real Pain In The Jaw Have you ever heard of TMJ? TMJ is the standard abbreviation of a condition called Temporomandibular Joint disorder. This joint is what connects your lower jaw to your skull and when you open your mouth to talk, eat, or looked shocked, you can thank your temporomandibular joint. Read more

Guarding Your Mouth And Protecting Your Teeth

Guarding Your Mouth And Protecting Your Teeth If you’ve ever watched a contact sporting event (think football, hockey, or boxing) you’ve undoubtedly seen a mouthpiece on one of the players or participants. Some mouth guards can look downright scary, as is the case of a few NFL players out there, and some can be almost invisible. Though sports are the first thing one thinks of when looking for a reason to wear a mouth guard, they can also been worn by people who grind their teeth, especially at night. Read more

Fluoride In Water And Your Teeth

Fluoride In Water And Your Teeth We can find fluoride in many things you may not expect including some foods and our water. The ADA has found that an appropriate level of fluoride in water actually prevents tooth decay by 25{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} in all people, including children and adults. Consider that when you come visit us at Community Dental Group we may provide you with a fluoride treatment here, that is a little more intense and very few people’s favorite part of the visit but it is to protect the health of your teeth. Now, adding a little bit of fluoride at a time to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities is even better and available to all people just by drinking water. Read more

Top 4 Things To Look For In A New Dentist

Top 4 Things To Look For In A New Dentist There are a plethora of reasons you might need a new dentist. Insurance, closing of an office, you moved or some unsatisfactory service. The keys here are to make sure you are finding a new dental office that fits your needs and keeps you out of the situation that led you to a search for a new dentist in the first place. We recommend taking a little time to do some research about these simple factors. Read more

The Terrible Effects Of Grinding Your Teeth

The Terrible Effects Of Grinding Your Teeth It can be a nervous habit, it can happen in your sleep but for sure grinding your teeth is not good. Not only can the sound be just as annoying to your partner as snoring but it is concerning on health levels for many parts of your body. Read more

Dental Care Post-Retirement

Dental Care Post-Retirement Many seniors may not realize that dental care is not covered by Medicare. However, as seniors age, it is important to still maintain good oral health. Tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to pneumonia and heart disease. Regular cleanings and checkups are as important in seniors as it is for anyone else. The cost of dental care can easily take a financial toll on retirees who are living on a fixed income. So how can you pay for dental care once you have retired? Read more

Tooth Extractions – At-Home Aftercare Instructions

Tooth Extractions – At-Home Aftercare InstructionsThere are a number of reasons why tooth extractions are performed on patients at Community Dental Group. Granted, you may want to avoid having a tooth pulled and your dentist may do everything he or she can to save the tooth. However, in some cases, there is no other option and the tooth has to come out. We will usually perform a tooth extraction for one or more of the following reasons: Read more

These Are the Four Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

These Are the Four Dental Symptoms You Should Never IgnoreLife is full of concerns and stresses, both big ones and little ones. If you don’t pay close attention to your teeth and mouth, valuable signals about your dental health might just end up on the back burner. That’s why it’s critical to be aware of what your mouth is telling you. Read more

Newbury Park Dentist Blog

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Dr. Destler has been practicing 29 years of Dentistry and in 1998 opened the Community Dental Group office for family dentistry in Newbury Park, Thousand, California.  Dr. Destler has been practicing here in California for seventeen years. Previously Dr. Destler Read more