I Brush And Floss. Now What?

I Brush And Floss. Now What?Let’s say that you’ve got the classics covered: you brush at least twice per day and use a toothpaste with all the trimmings, you floss at least once per day, and you visit the dentist every six months like clockwork. But is that all you have to do? There are a wide variety of dental hygiene products out there but how much more help do you really need? Read more

Can You Eat Your Way To Healthy Teeth?

 Can You Eat Your Way To Healthy Teeth?There is no substitution for brushing and flossing, but there are several foods that can make, or break, the health of your teeth and gums. Everyone knows that sugar is public enemy number-one, but there are plenty of good foods (and beverages) out there that can help you get one step ahead on your good oral health. Read more

What Makes A Toothbrush Smart?

What Makes A Toothbrush Smart?It seems like all of our tools and appliances are getting smarter these days. By adding tiny sensors and cameras to an object and connecting to your phone with Bluetooth, just about everything in your home can gather and analyze more information than ever before. And as it turns out, your electric toothbrush is no exception. Read more

What Defines Digital Dentistry?

What Defines Digital Dentistry?Computers have revolutionized just about every industry there is. Computers let you send emails instead of letters, order products online and have them delivered to your door, and create HD videos for an international audience. Now that 3D printing is taking off, computers are having a big impact on the field of dentistry. But what exactly is taking dentistry into the Digital Age? Read more

Tooth Sensitivity And What To Do About It

Tooth Sensitivity And What To Do About ItWhen you eat or drink something cold or hot, like a cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream, you might feel some pain thanks to a burned tongue or a cold headache. What you shouldn’t feel is a spike of pain coming from one or more of your teeth. Tooth sensitivity makes it hard to eat certain foods, and it’s often a sign of bigger problems. Read more

Technology Is Making Root Canal Procedures Faster And Easier

Technology Is Making Root Canal Procedures Faster And EasierThe field of medicine is always advancing, and operations that used to be tricky and time-consuming are now faster, more precise, and end with fewer complications. Root canals were one of those things that patients never wanted to hear their dentist say, but thanks to new equipment and techniques it doesn’t have to be the long and painful journey it once was. Read more

Make Your Mouth Shine By Washing And Rinsing

Make Your Mouth Shine By Washing And Rinsing Walking down the dental aisle of any store can leave you a bit overwhelmed. There are many choices for toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even dental accessories (floss threader, anyone?). Mouthwash, however, should be an easy one; pick a bottle and go, right? Not so fast. Not all mouthwashes are created equal; some are mouth rinses and knowing the difference between the two is just as important as picking the flavor you like best. Read more

How To Choose A Great Dentist

How To Choose A Great Dentist Dentists get a bad rap; people are often nervous, scared, or downright terrified at the mention of them. While seeing a dentist might not evoke warm-fuzzy feelings in everyone, a dental visit will become a necessity in everyone’s life at some point. Read more

Dentures And Implants Still Need Oral Care

Dentures And Implants Still Need Oral CareSometimes when people get a replacement tooth like dentures or a dental implant, an artificial crown, or a veneer, they decide that because the tooth isn’t natural enamel they don’t have to give it the same amount of care and attention. In many cases they have to care for their replacement tooth either way: after all, it’s hard to not brush one molar in a row. But if you think that a veneer can protect your teeth from cavities all on its own, you should think again. Read more

Dental Dilemma: The Sad Impact Of Sugar

Dental Dilemma: The Sad Impact Of Sugar When it comes to the biggest enemy of your teeth, sugar has had the reputation of being the worst troublemaker imaginable. It’s with good reason, however, and studies are showing more and more how this sweet little crystal can cause a lot of pain. Read more