Could Quip Toothbrushes Help Simplify How You Brush?

Could Quip Toothbrushes Help Simplify How You Brush? Do you know how often you’re supposed to replace your toothbrush? Do you actually follow up and replace it when you’re supposed to? What about time spent brushing – how long should you spend brushing your teeth? Unfortunately, many don’t know the answers to these questions, and it negatively impacts their oral health.

More and more companies have been turning toward subscription services for their customers. Dollar Shave Club is an example of a company that has brought affordable products to customers’ doorsteps each month. It allows customers to have new products shipped without having to think about it, making their daily routines seamless. Thanks to a company called Quip, quality toothbrushes can now be delivered to your doorstep.


A Growing Company


Recently, Quip has attempted to enter the realm of venture-backed subscription services, an industry that also features shoes, glasses, and razors. The company provides electric toothbrushes, although their goal is much more than that – founder Simon Enever is seeking to fix the world of oral health.

Quip has recently raised another $10 million in funding, topping their previously funding campaign of $2 million.


Quip Toothbrushes


When you order from Quip, your first package will include a sleek electronic toothbrush that is comfortable to use. After that, you’ll receive new toothbrush heads every three months, eliminating the wonder about when you should actually throw your manual toothbrush away. The shipment will also include AAA batteries, ensuring that your electronic toothbrush stays functioning for the next three months.

The toothbrushes encourage users to brush for two minutes, which is the amount of time recommended by dentists in Thousand Oaks, CA and across the country. The toothbrushes vibrate every 30 seconds, telling users when it’s time to move to another part of the mouth.

If you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, you’ll have accounted for .27{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} of your day. Too many patients fail to brush for the full two minutes. Having a toothbrush that runs automatically without users have to worry about it is a convenient and beneficial aspect that obviously isn’t found in manual toothbrushes.


Additions To Your Total Oral Health


Quip also offers a number of features that help make brushing carefree. The toothbrush heads feature a tongue scraper on the back. The stand that holds the toothbrush easily transforms into a traveling case. The stand also features a suction cup to attach to any surface, including walls.

Users can also order one-time add-ins each month, such as additional toothbrush heads or toothpaste. Quip’s toothpaste informs users that they should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, and the tube of toothpaste has been perfectly allocated to last three months.

Quip starter sets start at $25 for a plastic brush, or $40 for a metal one. Refill plans begin at $5. First-time customers can also try the plan for a month risk-free and can cancel at any time.

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