The Power of Tooth Whitening

power-of-tooth-whiteningHave you been seeing a noticeable difference in your smile lately? Perhaps your teeth are not as white and vibrant as you are used to or they lack their shine and luster. Well, several benefits go along with tooth whitening if you are looking to restore your dazzling smile. Read more

Sleep Apnea and Your Oral Health

 sleep-apnea-and-your-oral-healthSleep apnea is a very common disorder that may cause a disruption in breathing or cause shallow breaths while you are asleep. The pausing between breathing can last for only seconds but could last for several minutes. While there are many possible causes of sleep apnea, one of the more common causes would be excess weight and obesity which is also associated with the soft tissue of the mouth and throat. Read more

Signs Showing It May be Time to Change Toothbrushes

signs-showing-it-may-time-to-change-toothbrushesMany dental professionals will tell you about the importance of changing out and replacing your toothbrush. They will usually recommend that this is done about every three months or even sooner if there are clear and visible signs of wear and tear. Read more

Remembering Dental Health While Traveling

remembering-dental-health-travelingIf you are planning a vacation or some time away, then you have probably already begun making the necessary plans and arrangements. But, did you stop and think about your oral health as well? It is always a good idea to make sure to fit in that checkup with the dentist before you go so you won’t experience any problems while you are away. Read more

Holiday Dental Tips

holiday-dental-tipsWith the holidays upon us, it is important to remember our dental hygiene and oral health. Even when we are facing the busiest days of the year, we should not forget the important things such as our tooth and gum health. Read more

Could Flossing Be Easier?

could-flossing-be-easierFlossing is one of those things that people know they should do but not enough people do. It’s not so bad once your gums get used to flossing regularly, but when you’re trying to establish a habit you have to deal with things like painfully swollen gums that don’t go back to normal for hours. There’s also the pinching you feel when you scrape the floss between your teeth, but getting into the cracks is an essential part of the process. Read more

Acid Reflux Can Put Your Teeth At Risk



Gastroesophageal acid reflux disease, also known as GERD, is a relatively common disease that affects millions of Americans every year, most of them over the age of 40. Most of the time it lets you know you have a problem by hitting you hard with heartburn, that burning sensation that rises out of your stomach and can reach up to your neck. Read more

A Few Dental Hygiene Tips for a Better Clean

 A-few-dental-hygiene-tips-for-a-better-cleanDental hygiene is just as important as your overall health and should never be overlooked. It is also important that you are spending an adequate amount of time with your teeth cleaning routine to ensure that you are getting the best possible clean. Read more

4 Reasons You Could Have Bad Breath

4-reasons-you-could-have-bad-breathBad breath is one of those things that can make you self-conscious even if you don’t plan on going on a date. Covering that bad breath can be as easy as eating a mint or gargling with mint-flavored mouthwash, but depending on the cause of your bad breath you may want to do something to deal with the reason your breath stinks in the first place. And to do that, you’ll need to know what can cause bad breath. Read more

4 Alternatives To Fillings

4-alternatives-to-fillingsWhen your tooth gets a cavity, your dentist will drill off the damaged and infected part of your tooth and then fill in the empty space with one of several materials, usually a kind of metal composite. It’s a simple (if sometimes painful) operation that almost everyone goes through at least once. But what happens when a basic drilling and filling isn’t enough to repair the damage? The answer to that question depends on where and just how bad the damage is. Read more