Remembering Dental Health While Traveling

remembering-dental-health-travelingIf you are planning a vacation or some time away, then you have probably already begun making the necessary plans and arrangements. But, did you stop and think about your oral health as well? It is always a good idea to make sure to fit in that checkup with the dentist before you go so you won’t experience any problems while you are away.


Schedule your Visit


Once you book your trip, schedule your routine visit and an oral exam with your doctor. They will be able to do the annual X-rays and spot any potential problems ahead of time, so you will have nothing to worry about while you are away.

It is always a good idea, however, to have your dentist’s contact information on hand just in case you do run into any kind of emergency. Also, since you would have just been in for your dental exam, they may be able to tell you if it something that can wait, or something you should seek help for immediately.


Double Check your Bag


As you begin to pack, make a list. A list will help remind you to pack the important stuff, so you aren’t spending your whole plane ride trying to think of what you forgot. However, if you do find that you still forgot your toothbrush, you can rinse with water to help clean off any bacteria until you can stop in for a new toothbrush at your destination.

When packing your toothbrush, you want to make sure that it stays clean, so it is not a good idea to just throw it in your bag and go. A resealable plastic bag is a good choice, and it will keep it out of reach from collecting dirt and other bacteria while traveling.


Gum for the Plane Ride


If you are taking a plane ride, then it is good to have gum to chew on and to help relieve some of the pressure your ears will be faced with. Remember to choose a sugarless gum option. It can even double as added protection against cavities while you are away!

It is also recommended that if you are in an area with less than desirable water, you should use bottled water while brushing your teeth. Better safe than sorry.


When You Get Home


After your vacation and when you get settled back into your routine at home, make sure you continue your usual brushing and flossing routine and get back to normal. Admit it, while on your trip you may have skipped a few days of flossing, right? Well, now is the chance to get back on track.