Could Flossing Be Easier?

could-flossing-be-easierFlossing is one of those things that people know they should do but not enough people do. It’s not so bad once your gums get used to flossing regularly, but when you’re trying to establish a habit you have to deal with things like painfully swollen gums that don’t go back to normal for hours. There’s also the pinching you feel when you scrape the floss between your teeth, but getting into the cracks is an essential part of the process.

Fortunately, the problems with floss are so well known that plenty of people are looking for ways to improve the experience, both to make it faster and more pleasant. You probably already know about floss picks, the disposable plastic picks that make it easy to floss no matter where you are. But there are other ideas on the horizon that are even newer than the picks.




Cocofloss is a new premium brand of dental floss. The floss uses a special kind of microfiber filaments that can expand and contract, making them thin enough to fit between your teeth yet gentle enough to avoid feeling too sharp against your gums. Adding to the experience, the floss threads also use oils and fragrances like mint, coconuts, and strawberries.


The 3D-Flosser


A company called Blizzident has come up with a unique solution to the time it takes to floss: floss between every single tooth all at once. The device is like a mouth guard, but instead of biting down on plastic you’re biting between a bunch of floss strings. Just wiggle the device around enough to get right up against the teeth on both sides and you’re done.

Since every mouth is different, you’ll need to get a recent impression from your dentist to make the 3D-Flosser, and you’ll have to pay a pretty penny. However, for many flossers out there the efficiency is worth the price.

Flossing isn’t the most fun you’ll have all day even with one of these new products, but it’s something you need to do to maintain healthy teeth and gums. So as long as you can find a reason to floss, you should make sure you stick with it.