Which Teeth Whitening Methods Work Best

Which Teeth Whitening Methods Work BestIf your smile has lost its natural luster, you may have considered one of several tooth whitening methods to restore its natural brightness. But with so many products and procedures to choose from, it can be difficult to select the one that’s right for you. We’ll look at the two main categories of teeth whitening products, and give and overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each. Read more

Top 5 Recommended Toothbrushes

Top 5 Recommended ToothbrushesBrushing your teeth is a critical part of good oral hygiene. In fact, it can be argued it is the most critical component. Therefore, choosing a good toothbrush is an important step in taking care of your teeth. There are several factors to consider when choosing a toothbrush. Bristle softness, length and width of the brush, whether it’s manual or electric, all these are things to keep in mind when choosing a toothbrush. One additional thing to consider is whether or not the toothbrush is ADA certified. ADA certification means the toothbrush (either manual or electric) has been certified by the American Dental Association to meet stringent quality and safety standards. With those criteria established, let’s look at various specific products and examine their features. Read more

Do You Have Good Dental Hygiene?

Do You Have Good Dental Hygiene?When it comes to your health, good dental hygiene is an essential but often overlooked component. Poor dental health can lead to other health problems as well as resulting in oral pain, expensive corrective procedures and even tooth loss. Fortunately, good dental hygiene practices are not a difficult habit to pick up. In this post, we’ll discuss the habits that make up good oral hygiene, some of which may be familiar to you and some of which you might have not of known. Read more

The Proper Method Of Flossing

The Proper Method Of FlossingAs the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right. This is true in any undertaking, but particularly applies to dental hygiene. Done improperly, you could leave behind plaque and bacteria that can damage your teeth. In some cases, improper cleaning techniques could even damage your teeth and gums. Proper brushing and flossing technique is important to ensure plaque removal, prevent cavities and also to avoid painful injuries to your teeth and gums. In this post, we’ll focus on flossing, an often neglected part of oral care. Read more

How Often Should You Be Brushing Your Teeth?

How Often Should You Be Brushing Your Teeth?There are many steps to proper oral health care. Brushing, flossing, rinsing with a fluoride or anti-microbial mouthwash are all important steps in taking care of your teeth. Brushing your teeth is the single most important move you can make in protecting your teeth. You probably know the correct procedure for brushing, but may be confused as to how often you should do it. To answer this question, we’ll look at what happens when you eat or drink and what this means for your tooth health. Read more

How Teeth Whitening Works

How Teeth Whitening WorksYour smile is the one of the first things people notice about you, so it makes sense that you care for your teeth. You brush after every meal and before going to bed. You floss correctly, and you rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. But over time, your teeth may have lost their natural whiteness from just the normal activities of eating and drinking. Your teeth may have taken on a yellow or dull brown color that detracts from the attractiveness of your smile. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with stained teeth, as a variety of products and services are available to eliminate discoloration and restore whiteness to your smile. But how do these products work? In this post, we’ll explain how teeth whiteners in general work and the different products available. Read more

Does Gargling Really Help?

Does Gargling Really Help?When it comes to health care, you will encounter a lot of conflicting information, especially on the internet. Dental health care is no exception to this rule. One subject that you may have not thought about is gargling? Is it effective? How exactly do you do it correctly? What should you gargle with? We at Community Dental Group will answer these questions and give you some pointers on how to better care for your teeth. Read more

Power Toothbrush vs. Manual Toothbrush

Power Toothbrush vs. Manual ToothbrushTo do any job correctly, you need the proper tools. To build a house, you need a hammer, saw and other tools. Likewise, to take care of your teeth, you need the correct equipment. In order to clean your teeth effectively, you’ll need a toothbrush, dental floss and possibly a fluoride or antimicrobial mouthwash. Of these items, your toothbrush is arguably the most important tool in your oral care arsenal. When it comes to toothbrushes, you have a wide array of choices. Toothbrushes can be broadly divided into two categories; powered and manual. Which type of toothbrush you choose depends on your individual preferences and personal situation. Read more

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