Top 5 Recommended Toothbrushes

Top 5 Recommended ToothbrushesBrushing your teeth is a critical part of good oral hygiene. In fact, it can be argued it is the most critical component. Therefore, choosing a good toothbrush is an important step in taking care of your teeth. There are several factors to consider when choosing a toothbrush. Bristle softness, length and width of the brush, whether it’s manual or electric, all these are things to keep in mind when choosing a toothbrush. One additional thing to consider is whether or not the toothbrush is ADA certified. ADA certification means the toothbrush (either manual or electric) has been certified by the American Dental Association to meet stringent quality and safety standards. With those criteria established, let’s look at various specific products and examine their features.

1. Reach Complete Care Triple Angle Floss

This toothbrush features a 13 degree angled neck for better reach in the back of your mouth, angled bristles for better contact with individual teeth, and floss bristles to aid in cleaning between teeth and around the gumline. It also features an enhanced grip for better control and is available in soft and medium bristles, to better fit your mouth’s needs.

2. Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean And Floss Action Precision 5000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

This model features a rotating, pulsating brush head to break up and remove more plaque than a regular electric toothbrush. It also features a wireless smart guide that will give you actual feedback on your brushing technique. Other features include long battery life, a charge indicator, and a pressure indicator to alert you to hard brushing.

3. Phillips Consumer Lifestyle HX6511/50 Easy Clean Toothbrush

The HX6511/50 features sonic technology to ensure more plaque removal than is possible with a manual toothbrush. The handle is designed for easy gripping and a dual timer system ensures you spend enough time brushing in each area of the mouth.

4. Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush

This manual toothbrush conforms to the contours of your mouth to allow it to remove 93{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} of plaque in difficult to brush areas. It also removes 34{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} of plaque near and below the gumline, while being easy on enamel and gums. Its superior design allows to clean your mouth better than a regular manual toothbrush while remaining easy to use.

5. Waterpik WP-900

This combination water-pick and sonic toothbrush will remove up to 99{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} of plaque in treated areas. It’s been proven to be effective for people implants and crowns, and will clean your mouth while being gentle on your enamel and gums. It features a timer to ensure you spend the proper amount of time brushing each area, and has hygienic storage to prevent bacteria from growing on stored components.

Regardless of what type of toothbrush you choose, proper brushing technique is important. Make sure you learn how to brush, and be sure to replace your brush or brush heads every three months. And be sure to see your dentist at least twice a year.

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