How to Cope with Dental Anxiety

how-to-cope-with-dental-anxietyMany people are often faced with anxiety when it comes to their dental appointments, and many may even steer clear of making and keeping these appointments because they are scared or nervous about what to expect. If you are someone dealing with any kind of dental phobia, just know that you are definitely not alone, and there are ways that you can begin to work past the problem and face your fears.

The following are just a few tips you can follow to help overcome your fear and anxiety over visiting your dentist.


1. Have someone you know, and you trust to go to the appointments with you. Maybe if you have someone there that is close to you, they can help put you more at ease and allow you to be a bit more comfortable.

2. Relaxation techniques are used by many people to help relax and calm down while at the dentist. Breathing exercises are a good relaxation technique to deploy and will help control your heart rate while you are in the chair. Focus on regular and slower breaths.

3. Need more of a distraction? See if it would be okay to listen to some music through earphones while you are at the dentist. It can provide a small, but welcome, distraction from the noises and anxiety you may feel.
4. Choose a time for the appointment that is better suited for your schedule, so you do not

feel rushed or pressured to get in and get out sooner. Having these time constraints may add to the anxiety you are feeling and will do nothing to help you stay positive and relaxed during your appointment.

5. Choose a dentist that has received good reviews to further put you at ease. You should also be vocal with the dentist and let them know if you are afraid or are facing any type of anxiety about the situation so that they can answer any questions or address any concerns you have before your appointment.


Overall, the dentist does not have to be a place you avoid because of a phobia or anxiety. However, if it remains a problem, remember that your oral health may suffer. It is important to seek help and talk about what your concerns are so you can relax and keep your regular appointments and keep up with your dental and oral health.