Benefits Of A Tongue Scraper

Benefits Of A Tongue ScraperA tongue scraper is a cheap tool that does wonders for your oral health. The tool removes bacteria that is trapped in your tongue and can go a long way toward keeping your mouth clean. Tongue scrapers are available in plastic or metal, and can easily be purchased at your local convenience store.


Benefits Of A Tongue Scraper


Although the tongue scraper has been around for a while, the benefits it provides have only recently become mainstream. Consider these benefits offered by a tongue scraper.

• It Clears Bacteria and Toxins, Reducing Bad Breath – Bacteria is the primary cause of bad breath. When bacteria are activated, they release toxins and byproducts that smell awful. Diligently removing bacteria will help keep your mouth fresh and clean. Additionally, removing bacteria from your mouth decreases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

• It Removes Food Particles – Leftover food attracts bacteria. Scraping the tongue each day can remove food that’s accumulated.

• It Enhances the Taste of Food – With a clear tongue, your taste buds will be activated. Foods will taste better than ever.


Why Not Just Use A Toothbrush?


Many people use their toothbrush in attempting to remove the bacteria from their tongue. Some toothbrushes have a rough backside that is designed to act as a tongue scraper.

Many people also choose to use the bristles of their toothbrush to clean their tongue. The problem with both is that they simply move the bacteria around.

Your tongue is a rough surface with many crevices. Your toothbrush, however, is designed to clean smooth surfaces. Your toothbrush has minimal effectiveness when cleaning the tongue. Tongue scrapers have been proven to be over 30{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} more effective in removing bacteria from the tongue.