Braces Options And How They Work

Braces Options And How They WorkBraces are used to close gaps and straighten teeth over time, and we at Community Dental Group have several different options when it comes to braces and brace installation. Typically, braces are most common during adolescence, but they may be installed at any point throughout a person’s life. Once adult teeth grow in to the mouth, any misaligned teeth or spaces in between teeth can cause problems with biting, chewing, or the alignment of the jaw, and braces can help to fix all of these issues with one procedure.

In many instances, general anesthesia will be recommended during the initial installation of braces. What this means is that a person will need to make sure they have a friend or relative to provide transportation to and from the office on the day of the braces installation, as a patient will not be fit to drive home on their own after waking up from the anesthetic. Also, with general anesthesia, your dentist will provide instructions with the best way to prepare for the procedure, and what to do in terms of aftercare, and all of these instructions should be followed closely.

Traditional metal braces are what many think of when they think of braces, but modern dentistry has provided us with several other options if the traditional metal sort isn’t the best fit for you. Spacers that act like braces, and invisible braces are two of the most common alternative options to metal braces today, and both can be just as effective as the classic metal type.

After braces are installed, a patient may feel some discomfort or sensitivity as the teeth are gently moved into their proper position. With this type of discomfort, we find that an over the counter pain reliever works well in alleviating pain and allowing a person to comfortably get used to the braces with ease.

At Community Dental Group, we know the benefits that braces can bring to a person’s comfort, dental health, and smile. During a consultation with your dentist, you will be able to learn all of the different braces options we offer and what type may be the best fit for you. From problems with bite force, to simply wanting a more aesthetically pleasing smile, the right braces can provide you with just the right solution.

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