The Difference Between Home Tooth Whitening And Professional Whitening

The Difference Between Home Tooth Whitening And Professional WhiteningHead to the local store and you’ll likely find a huge range of pastes, rinses, and products that promise to give you a bright, white smile. And with good reason – a great smile has a huge impact on your self-worth, your confidence, and the way that others think about you. And in some instances, those store bought products can give you some results that will help.

But they’re a far cry from the tooth whitening that a dentist can provide to you. Understanding the differences is well worth doing and could help you determine which option is the right one for you. Read more

Are Clear Braces For You?

Are Clear Braces For You?For decades, braces have been a common sight on the mouths of many – especially younger people in need of straighter teeth. Braces help correct crooked teeth and can end up giving you a tremendous improvement in your smile, which will in turn improve the way you feel about yourself. And it’s not too late to have them done. While they’re often thought of as a ‘teenager’ treatment, the reality is that plenty of adults have braces to improve their smile. Read more

The Keys To Finding The Right Dentist

The Keys To Finding The Right DentistYour oral health is important to you, and while you can do a lot at home to help maintain good oral hygiene, you’ll still need a dental professional that you can trust. The reasons are numerous, but really come down to the simple fact that your dentist will not only give you cleaner teeth than you could get on your own but also because they’ll help when a problem occurs – from missing teeth to gum disease and beyond. Read more

Do All Of Your Dental Products Work For You?

Do All Of Your Dental Products Work For You?The dental aisle of your local store is probably filled with a huge range of different products. Your brushes, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash are all part of good oral hygiene, and they all have a different impact on your oral health. But does it really matter which type of products you use, or are they all the same? Taking a closer look at this is well worth doing since you’ll be buying dental products for the rest of your life. Read more

Why Oral Hygiene Is So Important

Why Oral Hygiene Is So ImportantThere’s no question that the vast majority of Americans already know that brushing, flossing, and caring for your teeth is important. After all, it’s something we’re told on a regular basis. But understanding just why good oral hygiene is so vital to your life is important as well. Some of the reasons are obvious and well known, while others are often surprising to those who haven’t really thought about their oral health too much. Read more

Is Teeth Whitening Worth It?

Is Teeth Whitening Worth It?Like it or not, your smile matters. Whether it’s missing teeth, crooked teeth, or yellow, stained teeth, the way your smile looks will have a big impact on a number of different things. And while repairing missing or crooked teeth is very possible thanks to today’s modern dental techniques, it’s often much easier to whiten teeth. However, that also means that many people ignore the process and assume it’s an expense they just don’t have to spend on. So is it really worth having your teeth whitened? We think so, and think it’s worth taking a look at the reasons why. Read more

The 4 Keys To Good Dental Hygiene

The 4 Keys To Good Dental HygieneFor pretty much every American out there, dental hygiene and its importance have been hammered into our heads since school. We all know the basics of good dental hygiene and why we need to follow them, but these are things that keep getting discussed precisely because they’re so incredibly important. Read more

The Secrets Of Flossing

The Secrets Of FlossingThe odds are pretty good that since you were in elementary school you’ve had the importance of good oral hygiene discussed over and over again. That’s because your oral health can impact you in numerous ways. And there’s no question that the way you brush will have a major impact on your oral health. But flossing is important as well, and understanding its secrets is very important. Read more

Four Quick Ways to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Before Seeing a Dentist

Four Quick Ways to Improve Your Dental Hygiene Before Seeing a DentistIf you are looking for a dentist, odds are good that you’re very attentive to your dental health. You probably brush your teeth regularly, perhaps even twice a day and after every meal. But how confident are you that you brush “correctly” every single time? Read more

Take the Worry Out of Oral Surgery With Four Steps to Getting Ready

Take the Worry Out of Oral Surgery With Four Steps to Getting ReadySo, you’ve met with your dentist and you have an oral surgery appointment on the horizon. Don’t panic! Thousands of dental surgeries are performed on Americans each and every year. The majority of procedures are common and minimally invasive, with a very low risk of side effects or complications. Read more