5 Interesting Toothbrush Designs

5 Interesting Toothbrush DesignsYou wouldn’t think a stick with some bristles on one end would need a lot of different versions, but it’s like how the old saying goes:  “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”  Plenty of strange and interesting toothbrush ideas have popped up over the years, and you can find more than a few if you know where to look.

Travel Electric Toothbrush

Space comes at a premium when you’re traveling, and electric toothbrushes can be a lot bigger than the regular kind.  Fortunately, manufacturers now make electric toothbrushes that are small enough the compact normal brushes that fold in on themselves.  These electric brushes do the same, but they also come with a USB connector so you can charge them up using your laptop.

Twig Toothbrush

In ages past, people would use twigs and sticks to clean their teeth.  Just chew the end of the branch until it starts shredding apart and you’ll have the bristles you need to really scrape the spaces between your teeth.  At least one company is taking this idea and running with it by selling sticks from a special kind of tree that frays into fine bristles.  Once you’re done cleaning your teeth, you just snip off the end and use the next part of the stick after your next meal.

Rinsing Toothbrush

If you don’t have a cup handy by your bathroom sink, this is the next best thing.  A rinsing toothbrush has a special groove in it that redirects water from a faucet up in an arc like a drinking fountain.  This makes it much easier to reach so you can rinse the toothpaste out of your mouth.

Tri-Sided Toothbrush

Why waste your time brushing all three sides of your teeth when you can get a toothbrush with three times the bristles and do them all at once?  It looks over-engineered, but it does exactly what it says it can do.

Finger Toothbrush

Don’t have much room to spare?  Do you prefer to give your mouth a personal touch instead of using a long brush handle?  Then the finger toothbrush that you stick right onto your finger has you covered.

A basic toothbrush is easy enough to find, but there are all kinds of other brushes out there you could try instead.  So if you have a special need or a special want when it comes to toothbrushes, there’s a good chance you can find one to fit the bill.