Add A Water Flosser To Your Dental Routine

Add A Water Flosser To Your Dental Routine As dentists, we are constantly advocating for flossing to be a part of your dental routine. Flossing is essential for removing plaque and food from tough-to-reach areas between your teeth. Unfortunately, only half of Americans floss daily, and one-fifth don’t floss at all. Although it’s inexcusable, it’s somewhat understandable. Using handheld floss can be disgusting or difficult, especially if you’re having orthodontic work done. If this is the case, you should add a water flosser to your dental routine. Read more

Chewing Gum And Your Dental Hygiene

Chewing Gum And Your Dental Hygiene Over the years, there has been much debate surrounding chewing gum and its impact on dental hygiene. The results can dramatically impact the dental hygiene of many Americans, as the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that 1.8 pounds of gum are consumed by the average American each year. Gum chewers can rest easy knowing that chewing gum can be extremely beneficial to their dental hygiene, although there are some limitations in place. Read more

Maintain Your Oral Health While Traveling

Maintain Your Oral Health While Traveling Are you constantly traveling for work, or currently preparing for a vacation? As you rush from airport to airport and check into hotels, you’ll quickly realize it’s tough to maintain your oral hygiene while on the road. It’s not easy to fit your entire bathroom into a toiletry bag! No matter your reason for travel, consider these tips to help maintain your oral health and keep your mouth fresh on the go. Read more

Can You Chew Gum Instead Of Flossing?

Can You Chew Gum Instead Of Flossing?Here’s the short version: no.

The long version does have some good news, though: while chewing gum isn’t as thorough at scrubbing teeth as brushing and while it can’t reach between teeth the way floss can, chewing sugar-free gum can improve the health of your teeth. Read more

Even People With The Most Active Lifestyles Must Make Time For Flossing

Even People With The Most Active Lifestyles Must Make Time For FlossingThe hustle and bustle of life can leave a person feeling as if there are not enough hours in a day to complete all of their tasks. Between working as many hours as it takes to support you and your family, and the never-ending honey-do lists that partners make for each other, time just does not seem to be on our side. However, it is of the utmost importance to brush and floss at least twice a day. The built-up plaque and debris can lead to mouth-altering consequences if left unchecked. Fillings, extractions, implants, and various other techniques combat cavities and tooth loss, but the hope is that by practicing good oral hygiene practices, these types of services won’t be necessary. Read more

The Best Way To Keep Dentures Clean

The Best Way To Keep Dentures CleanWhether you’ve lost all your teeth or just a few, most people still use dentures to replace them. But to keep dentures clean you need a special approach that takes into account the fact that false teeth aren’t made of the same stuff as the real things. Tooth implants might only need traditional cleaning methods, but dentures need something else. Read more

The Top 3 Benefits Of Receiving A Professional Teeth Cleaning

The Top 3 Benefits Of Receiving A Professional Teeth Cleaning Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are essential to having good health. To prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and various other illnesses proper dental hygiene techniques must become practiced routinely. However, on some occasions, even the most diligent routine is not enough to keep cavities in check. Pain and discomfort are common symptoms associated with toothaches, but luckily, dental professionals performing yearly professional teeth cleaning procedures can reduce the chances of an event occurring. Read more

What Is SDF?

What Is SDF?SDF, or silver diamine fluoride, is a new cavity treatment that recently got approval for use in the United States. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s effective, but it does come with downsides that mean traditional cavity fillings aren’t completely obsolete. Read more

4 Tips For Keeping Your Dental Appliance In Good Shape

4 Tips For Keeping Your Dental Appliance In Good ShapeWhether it’s a retainer for post-orthodontic care, dentures, a mouth guard, or a snoring mouthpiece, there are all kinds of things you need to put in your mouth for extended periods. Each of these is a little different since it has a different use, and your dentist or orthodontist should give you instructions on how to care for your new appliance when you get it. Read more

Types Of Mouthwash

Types Of Mouthwash If you walk into your local grocery or drugstore, you will see entire shelves dedicated to mouthwash. Where do you even begin? Many of your options involve personal preference in brand, price, and flavor. But, there are also different types of mouthwash. It is important to understand which type of mouthwash is best for you before purchasing a new bottle. Read more