Could Flossing Be Easier?

could-flossing-be-easierFlossing is one of those things that people know they should do but not enough people do. It’s not so bad once your gums get used to flossing regularly, but when you’re trying to establish a habit you have to deal with things like painfully swollen gums that don’t go back to normal for hours. There’s also the pinching you feel when you scrape the floss between your teeth, but getting into the cracks is an essential part of the process. Read more

A Few Dental Hygiene Tips for a Better Clean

 A-few-dental-hygiene-tips-for-a-better-cleanDental hygiene is just as important as your overall health and should never be overlooked. It is also important that you are spending an adequate amount of time with your teeth cleaning routine to ensure that you are getting the best possible clean. Read more

4 Reasons You Could Have Bad Breath

4-reasons-you-could-have-bad-breathBad breath is one of those things that can make you self-conscious even if you don’t plan on going on a date. Covering that bad breath can be as easy as eating a mint or gargling with mint-flavored mouthwash, but depending on the cause of your bad breath you may want to do something to deal with the reason your breath stinks in the first place. And to do that, you’ll need to know what can cause bad breath. Read more

Teach A Child To Brush While It’s Still Fun

Teach A Child To Brush While It’s Still FunAs a parent, your first instinct is often to help your kids when they’re having trouble or to give in when they ask for something. But that’s an urge you need to resist for a variety of reasons: children who expect everything to be done for them quickly get spoiled, and kids with an independent streak don’t like it when their parents keep them from doing “grown-up stuff.” Read more

All About Different Types Of Flossing Products

All About Different Types Of Flossing ProductsUsing floss after meals to remove bits and pieces of food that become trapped between teeth is essential for a healthy mouth. The particles put pressure on enamel and the tooth root, which can cause significant problems if they are weak. These items contribute to plaque build-up that produces acid and allows decay to form. If the issue remains left untouched and able to do as it pleases, the corrosion will spread to other teeth. Toothaches from cavities are not pleasant and cause excruciatingly painful sensations that like to strike at the most inconvenient times. Don’t put yourself in this position by choosing the best flossing method that works for you. Of course, just picking one is not enough, and it must become used appropriately as well. Read more

Dentures, Implants, And Oral Care

Dentures, Implants, And Oral CareFlossing helps remove plaque and food particles that get stuck between your teeth. It’s an important part of your daily tooth-cleaning ritual, and it’s equally important to use good technique and really dig into the gaps where your teeth meet your gums. But should that ritual change when some of your teeth are missing? And in what ways? Read more

Reasons For Receiving A Professional Teeth Cleaning

Reasons For Receiving A Professional Teeth CleaningThere are not many better feelings than the one after leaving the dentist office from receiving professional teeth cleaning. Teeth are left brighter and whiter while breath becomes pleasant smelling too. Our patients gain a new sense of self-confidence that helps them smile and converse with others, and without the hassle of trying to cover their mouth each time it opens. Age is just a number, and whether you are an adolescent or an adult, practicing excellent dental hygiene techniques and receiving regular checkup are essential for keeping your natural teeth as long as possible. Read more

How Important Is Mouthwash?

How Important Is Mouthwash?Ask any dentist and you’ll hear the same thing: brush with toothpaste and floss your teeth regularly, preferably after every meal. Do that and you’ll give yourself the best chance of keeping your gums healthy and your teeth free of cavities. But what about mouthwash? Millions of Americans finish their morning and evening rituals by swishing a little mouthwash, and it can kill bacteria and protect your gums from gingivitis. So why isn’t it on the required list next to toothbrushes and floss? Read more

This Fall, Make Oral Hygiene A Part Of Your Child’s Routine

This Fall, Make Oral Hygiene A Part Of Your Child’s Routine The beginning of fall signals the return of many things, from football to pumpkins. It also means the start of a new school year for your child. As you begin setting a routine for your child’s homework and chores this fall, be sure to set aside time for his or her oral hygiene. Doing so can protect your child’s health, and instills good habits that can be practiced for years to come. Read more

Help Ease The Pain Of Sensitive Teeth

Help Ease The Pain Of Sensitive Teeth If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you’re not alone. Some reports show that approximately half of all dental patients have over-sensitive teeth. If you’re struggling with sensitive teeth, consider the following products and procedures to help reduce your pain. Read more