When To Consider Oral Surgery

When To Consider Oral Surgery We are here to help you make the best possible decisions for your dental health now and in the future. Deciding whether you need oral surgery is a choice we want to make with you, as a team. We only want to provide services that will help you and your dental future. Surgery is a scary word and can be associated with a lot of feelings, we are sure of this. However, oral surgery encompasses more than you might have originally predicted. Any type of oral surgery we provide at Community Dental Group is one that is necessary and helpful to the longevity and comfort of your oral health.

What Procedures Are Oral Surgery

Overall oral surgery can be taken fairly literally as it is a term enveloping many types of procedures. Extractions, dental implants, jaw surgeries and many other can be considered oral surgery. Some of these may bring on thoughts of hospitals and overnight stays but that is not the case here. With dental surgeries we have you in our office and out as soon as possible to get home and rest so you can heal quickly.

Most commonly we perform surgeries that remove damaged, infected or impacted teeth as we know they will continue to cause and add more pain and stress to your life and oral hygiene. We look for ways to correct things that will cause major issues in the future if they are not dealt with now. Correcting jaw alignment will prevent pain in the future, extracting impacted teeth will give you a much better chance at straight and easy to clean teeth later on. All in all there are many types of oral surgery that can range in recovery and severity.

When To Say Yes To Oral Surgery

We pride ourselves on making decisions with you and we can never force you to opt-in for a surgery you do not want to have. With that said we do take our recommendations seriously and try to the best job possible to make sure you understand why an oral surgery might be important for you. As mentioned above we focus on the longevity of your oral health and want to set you up for success later in life. Therefore, when we see something that may become a problem, if it hasn’t already then we find it necessary to jump on the opportunity to prevent it as soon as possible. Our thought is that we rather do a simple surgery now than something more severe and complicated later.

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