Don’t Let Sleep Disorders Ruin Your Marriage

Don't Let Sleep Disorders Ruin Your Marriage  Snoring is one of the most often heard complaints when it comes to marital issues. It causes more problems than we usually consider because it is often seen as a silly thing to get upset about but the repercussions of letting it slide can be catastrophic for a relationship. Snoring isn’t the only sign of sleep disorder that might cause some turmoil in your relationship. There are plenty of things that happen in your sleep, things dentists can fix, that will irritate your partner.

What Is Causing The Sleep Problems

You could be suffering from snoring because of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is known for producing extremely loud snoring that is often unbearable for people to sleep next to. This either leads to sleeping separately, resentment over sleeping situations or heightened irritability from your partner who is losing good sleep. On the same token the sleep apnea can lead to other concerning behavior that you are not aware of that may affect both of party’s sleep. Sleep apnea, specifically, can cause breathing complications, included cessation of breathing and choking. Obviously, this can become concerning and distracting for the other person trying to sleep. Not to mention that this will greatly decrease your quality of sleep.

What To Do To Help

We have some sleep apnea issues, maybe teeth grinding that is affecting your sleep and that of your partner, what do we do now? You could try and sleep in the other room but that will add distance to your relationship and does not address the sleep issues you are having that may be affecting your behavior and irritability in life and with your significant other. Talk to your dentist. Teeth grinding can be a very simple fix that maybe just needs a mouth guard for bedtime. If you are feeling like sleep apnea is the culprit then it is a good idea to check in with a professional about that, for your own health and the concerns of your partner. Don’t let the demise of your relationship be over something that sounds as silly as “they wouldn’t get their snoring checked out.” Save yourself the restless nights and the pain of an unhappy spouse.

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