Electric V. Manual Toothbrush – Which Is Better?

Electric V. Manual Toothbrush – Which Is Better?If you walk down the aisle of your local Californian convenience store, you will see dozens and dozens of toothbrush options. There are multiple options for manual toothbrushes, such as soft, medium, and hard bristles. But, there’s an additional option that makes your decision even more difficult. Electric toothbrushes have continued to grow in popularity. Each have pros and cons. Which toothbrush is right for you – electric or manual?

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are easier to use than manual toothbrushes, allowing you to clean your teeth with less work. They have been proven to be more effective at removing plaque, bacteria, and gingivitis from your mouth. Because they require less work, they can be beneficial to those with arthritis or a dexterity problem that have difficulties brushing their teeth. They also have a built-in timer, meaning you are guaranteed to brush for the recommended two minutes.

If you travel often, an electric toothbrush may prove difficult. You will have to carry a charger or batteries with you, and will constantly have to worry about making sure your toothbrush is charged.

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual toothbrushes. You will have to pay a heftier up-front cost to purchase the original toothbrush itself. The cost will increase as the quality of the model increases. The replacement heads for the toothbrush are also more expensive than replacement manual toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrushes can also be very delicate. If you accidently drop it, your toothbrush may break. This may render your toothbrush useless, meaning you would have to invest more money into a new one.

Manual Toothbrushes

When brushing properly, it is possible to thoroughly clean your teeth by using a manual brush. However, getting your teeth clean takes much more work than if you were to use an electric toothbrush.

As mentioned, there are countless options for you to choose from selecting a manual toothbrush. Not only are there practical options, such as the strength of your bristles or head shape, but fun options as well, such as different patterns or colors.

A manual toothbrush is easier to care for than an electric toothbrush. You will not have to deal with batteries, or charging. They are also smaller than electric toothbrushes, meaning they are easier to travel with.

A manual toothbrush is also the cheaper option. You can often buy multiple toothbrushes in a pack for a few bucks, or get one from your dentist for free when you visit.