Do You Need Oral Surgery?

Do You Need Oral Surgery?Having surgery can be scary, and when you hear that you need oral surgery, it can be confusing. Why do you need a surgeon to do anything in your mouth? Despite the name, oral surgery isn’t as invasive as other types of surgery and most of the time, it’s done in-office and you can go home after the procedure.

Why You Need It

There are a few reasons why your dentist might suggest that you have oral surgery.

Most people who have oral surgery are having their wisdom teeth (3rd molars) removed. In some people, wisdom teeth can emerge with plenty of room to spare in the jaw. However, the majority of people find that there simply is not enough room to accommodate them and they become impacted. Impacted teeth are unable to fully emerge and so they become trapped between the jawbone and the gum line. This can cause pain, swelling, infection, and even damage to the surrounding teeth. Other teeth can become impacted, such as cuspids and bicuspids, but oral surgery is still the solution for any tooth in this position.

Other reasons you might need oral surgery include:

  • Dental implants. Implants require a surgical anchor to be placed in the jawbone to accommodate the new tooth that you’ll be receiving.
  • Uneven jaw growth. When the upper and lower jaw do not grow properly, oral surgery might be needed to remove part of the jawbone so they can be in the right position to grow.
  • Denture improvement. Denture wearers might need oral surgery to correct problems that cause their dentures to slip or feel uncomfortable. A bone graft or ridge augmentation are 2 examples.
  • TMJ. Those with TMJ can usually find relief through other forms of therapy and medication, but some advanced cases require surgery to the jaw join to provide relief.

Who Performs It?

An oral surgeon is a person who has earned a dentistry degree and has been in residence for at least 4 years performing oral surgery. They are trained in anesthesia and pain control as well as specialized procedures in performing the surgery required. They are board-certified so you know that your mouth, jaw, and teeth are in good, skilled hands.

How Do I Know What To Expect?

Every oral surgery is different, and your dentist or oral surgeon will prepare you in advance for everything that will be done on the day of your procedure. At Community Dental Group, you’ll never wonder what will happen, how to prepare for it, or what to do afterward. You’ll receive instructions to help you feel better before and after, from what to eat the night before to what to eat the day after. Don’t let the idea of surgery scare you when you have someone with you every step of the way.