Teeth Whitening Can Help Westlake Village Residents Feel More Self-Confident About Their Appearance

Teeth Whitening Can Help Westlake Village Residents Feel More Self-Confident About Their AppearanceThe old saying goes that you never miss something until it is gone, and it holds true in a variety of different situations. When mouth health is in good standing, teeth are white, and it doesn’t hurt to eat or drink, smiling is typically the last thing on one’s mind because they know that it is gorgeous. However, if a yellowish or dingy coating becomes apparent, and stains begin to form on the enamel, your smile, or rather hiding it, becomes one of the only things that you think about on a regular basis.

For almost twenty years we have been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Westlake Village and the surrounding areas. Our team offers a variety of different services, which include…

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Extractions, Implants, And Bridges
  • Root Canals And Oral Surgery
  • Bonding, Fillings, And Crowns

We look forward to the opportunity of showing you why our craftsmanship, chair side manner, and personalized experience set our organization apart from the rest. Don’t hide your smile, and instead, let our team help get it back to the desired color that you seek. In as little as an hour, teeth will look brighter, whiter, and multiple shades lighter than before.

Things To Expect During A Typical Teeth Whitening Procedure

Your dental professional will consult with you over hygiene habits, lifestyle choices, and a thorough examination of the teeth and gums will take place to ensure that whitening is the best option for you. At this time a cleaning is recommended too. Once all of this good stuff is out of the way, the teeth whitening process can begin. First, the lips and gums will become covered, leaving only the teeth exposed. Then, a specialized gel goes on the surface of the teeth, and a medical laser is used to activate the solution. Three sessions of about fifteen minutes each will take place, and a brighter smile will be a realization in no time.

A at home touch-up kit may also be needed to keep your teeth maintained and looking at their best. The dentist will give proper care instructions, and explain how to use the kit correctly to extend the life of your white smile. Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting brighter teeth, just know that a professional and family-friendly Westlake Village dentist is here to help.