Things To Expect After Oral Surgery

Things To Expect After Oral SurgeryThere are multiple procedures used as treatments to remedy tooth issues. Many of them are considered oral surgery. A lot of patients find going to the dentist an intimidating process, and when you add a word like surgery to the mix, it can be nearly impossible to get them to the office. However, these treatments are essential for correcting the problems and putting mouth health back to a stellar level. Most commonly, the actions are reserved for the removal of damaged, infected, or impacted teeth. Anesthesia is often a requirement, so it is of the utmost importance to make sure a driver is there to take you home.

Whenever medication is used to make you feel more comfortable, feelings of disorientation and sleepiness can present themselves. The sensations usually dissipate quickly, but you may need to take a nap or just rest to eliminate them entirely. Talking may be difficult as speech might come out slurred, and the words don’t always make sense.

Minor Bleeding And Swelling

Regardless of what procedure the patient has done, some swelling, and bleeding is likely to occur. Don’t put yourself in a panicked commotion as these are typical symptoms, but don’t hesitate to contact our office either if you have any concerns. The spotting of blood on gauze is possible, and patients will even have the unpleasant taste of the substance in their mouth. If a stitch breaks or another problem arises, that leaves the area resembling a water fountain distributing Hawaiian Punch, seek help immediately for a quick solution to the issue.

Bruising On The Lips Or Cheeks

The motions involved with holding one’s mouth open, as well as, the constant pressures associated with tooth extraction, can result in bruises forming on various areas of the skin. You won’t resemble a heavy-weight boxer after a fight, but minor blemishes may pop up. The discoloration will disappear within a few days as the healing process begins. Not every patient will experience the same things, nor will they require the same amount of time for recovery. However, you know your body better than anyone, and if a problem that is not right presents itself, just contact our office for assistance.