Tooth Extractions – What You Need To Know

Tooth Extractions – What You Need To KnowThe thought of having a tooth pulled can be a lot to handle. What do you need to know about the procedure?

Why Would You Need Teeth Pulled?

Your dentist may recommend the extraction of your natural teeth. It is often recommended because a tooth has decayed beyond a point of repair, or because of trauma. It could also be necessary if your mouth is crowded, or if your mouth has become infected because of bacterial buildup within the root of a tooth. An extraction may also be necessary if you have gum disease, which may have caused your teeth to become loose.

What Should You Expect?

After consulting with your dental expert, you will schedule an appointment to have the tooth removed. Your dentist will numb the area where the tooth is going to be removed. He will then cut your gum, and cut through bone tissue. At this point, your dentist will gently pull the tooth away from the jaw bone – but because you are numb, you will not feel a thing. After the tooth has been pulled, a blood clot will develop in place of the missing tooth. Gauze will be used to help assist with the clotting. Your dentist will then stitch the wound closed

Once the procedure is complete, you dentist will prescribe painkillers. You should take these as recommended per the prescription. You will likely also need to ice the area for ten minutes at a time to reduce the swelling in the area. You should relax for 24-48 hours after the procedure, giving your mouth time to heal from the surgery. You should also avoid rising or forcefully spitting for 24 hours after the distraction.