You’ll Be Amazed at Four Toothbrush Mistakes Most People Make

You’ll Be Amazed at Four Toothbrush Mistakes Most People MakeBrushing is the most important part of dental hygiene. It is also one of the first things that we learn to do on our own when we are growing up. Unfortunately, over time we can develop bad brushing habits we might not even realize we have.

Plus, dentistry is evolving, and new ways to help you improve your dental hygiene are always emerging. If you’ve been doing things the same way for five or ten years, odds are good that there are some ways you can improve – even with something as simple as brushing.

With that in mind, let’s look at some great ways to improve your brushing technique:

1) Skip the Horizontal Strokes

Long strokes can set you up for damage to the gum line. Instead, always angle your brush at 45 degrees. Short strokes should lead you up and down individual teeth rather than across a whole row of them. Circular strokes are best for gently and effectively cleaning teeth.

2) Change Up Your Pattern

You might not even notice it, but next time you brush, consider where you get started. Many people have developed a pattern that they follow every time, starting and ending in the same place in the mouth with every brushing. To get better results, start somewhere new. This will help you focus.

3) Don’t Forget the Interior Surfaces of Teeth

Those surfaces where your teeth touch may not be in direct contact with food as often as your chewing surfaces, but they can still fall victim to a plaque build-up. Even if the inner surfaces of your teeth feel clean, don’t forget to brush them just as diligently as the rest of your mouth.

4) Rinsing Helps, So Don’t Skip It

Every time you use your toothbrush, you should rinse it out with warm water. Because your bathroom has a tendency to be the most moist and humid room in the home, it is also the place most conducive to the growth of certain bacteria. Washing bristles helps disrupt this.

One final tip: Consider brushing your tongue. This is optional for most people, but can contribute to fewer germs in the mouth, and may prevent bad breath. You might wish to use a toothbrush or a specialized scraper for the task.

Keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth clean is critical to your overall health. If you have dental issues that last for more than a few days or that make you feel concerned, call us and schedule an appointment so we can help. We are trusted in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, and around California.

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