6 Vitamins & Minerals For A Healthy Mouth

6 Vitamins & Minerals For A Healthy MouthPeople take vitamins for a variety of reasons. Some take them for their anti-oxidative effects that protect cells from damage; some take them to have more energy; and some take them because they don’t get enough of what they need in the foods they eat.

How many people take vitamins for their oral health? Chances are; not many.

Taking vitamins and supplements to contribute to the good health of your teeth and gums is probably the last thing that people think to do, but it should be one of the first. If you’re considering an update to your medicine cabinet, consider some of these common additions for a better smile.

1) Vitamin A. When gums are inflamed, this important vitamin can help get the healing process started in those soft and tender tissues. Vitamin A will also keep your mucous membranes healthy while promoting saliva production to wash away bacteria and food particles.

2) Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin is not as easy to find when the colder months and darker days arrive. Vitamin D is essential to help the body absorb calcium and boost bone mineral density. A calcium deficiency can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

3) Potassium. Similar to Vitamin D, Potassium improves bone mineral density which strengthens teeth. It also works together with magnesium to keep your blood from becoming too acidic, which can lead to calcium leaching from the bones and teeth.

4) Vitamin C. Healthy gums thrive on this citric vitamin. Not only does it aid in preventing gum inflammation, it can promote healing if gums do start to bleed. Vitamin C also helps with collagen production which promotes strong gums.

5) Calcium & Phosphorus. Taken together, this amazing duo could be your best oral health support system since dental floss joined up with a stick. Calcium is a well-known tooth protector and enamel builder, but when taken with phosphorus, it is absorbed fully to get the job done.

6) Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, this vitamin has been linked to the prevention of periodontal disease. Vitamin E fights against the oxidation of gum tissue and decreases inflammation in the mouth.


Just In Case You Get A Cavity


No matter how many vitamins you take, other circumstances can occur that might cause a cavity, leaving you in need of a filling or two. Fillings are very common when it comes to dental procedures, and we have plenty of experience with them. If you do find yourself in need of a filling, be sure to get it taken care of right away so those good vitamins can keep doing their job in keeping your mouth healthy.