Smoking Negatively Impacts Your Oral Health

Smoking Negatively Impacts Your Oral Health Smoking is a habit that is tremendously detrimental to your health. It is also a major contributor to dental problems. Read more

When Is It Time To Extract A Tooth?

When Is It Time To Extract A Tooth?As you might imagine, removing a tooth is the last possible action you can take when it comes to dental care. Centuries ago, tooth removal was essentially the only option available when you were suffering from so much as a cavity, but these days dentists have a variety of options that let them save your tooth even when the pulp at the center gets infected and puts your overall health at risk.

At the same time, there are occasions when it’s best to simply remove a tooth and be done with it. Here are a few examples of when tooth extraction is a better option than a crown replacement or a root canal: Read more

The Trouble With Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

The Trouble With Temporomandibular Joint DisorderTemporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, is a hard disease to pin down. The causes can vary widely, the symptoms are shared with a variety of other diseases, and the cures range from over-the-counter painkillers to drastic open-joint surgery. And as if all that weren’t enough, the fact that it concerns the mouth and jaw, the body parts in charge of eating and communicating, means that fixing the problem is a priority no matter how much time and effort it takes. Read more

What Is A Dental X-Ray For?

What Is A Dental X-Ray For?Ever since the first x-ray machine debuted, they’ve been an invaluable tool for doctors, dentists, and medical professionals of all kinds. Not only do they show the strength and state of every bone in your body (and without the need to cut a patient open in the process), they can also locate tumors and foreign objects that don’t belong in your body. Read more

Dentists: The Routine Specialist

Dentists:  The Routine SpecialistIt’s strange if you think about it. When it comes to the health of our bodies, Americans will typically act in a certain order: the first thing they’ll do is visit their regular doctor, either a general practitioner or a pediatrician. If the doctor discovers something wrong with the patient that some rest and a few painkillers can’t fix, the physician will send him or her along to a specialist who will know more about the particular part of the body that’s acting up. After that comes the treatment, and with luck the patient will be as good as new by the end of it. Read more

What Is Plaque, And Why Is It Bad?

What Is Plaque, And Why Is It Bad?You know that plaque is bad because everyone says it’s bad. You need to brush your teeth and floss every day or else there will be plaque and tartar and cavities and your teeth will ache forever. But how do these things add up, exactly? Read more

So You’ve Lost A Tooth

So You’ve Lost A ToothPerhaps you’ve lost a tooth because of an accident, or perhaps it got too infected and it needed to come out. Perhaps it’s simply worn down with age and infection is too likely for it to be worth keeping around. However it happens, there’s now a hole where your tooth used to be, and so you’re facing a decision on how to fill it. Read more

The Importance Of Jaw Alignment

The Importance Of Jaw AlignmentEvery person is unique, and the shape of our teeth along with the way they line up are part of this uniqueness. Our teeth are best off when they line up perfectly – molars to molars, incisors to incisors, with every tooth touching its opposite number when you clench your jaw – but because of that uniqueness factor, not everyone can manage this optimal alignment. Read more

Proper Care Of Your New Dental Implant Or Crown

Proper Care Of Your New Dental Implant Or CrownIf you’ve received a crown after a dental implant or root canal procedure, it’s important to take proper care of your crown to ensure it will last for a good long time. Even if a dental implant is received, and there is no natural tooth structure left, you will have to pay close attention to clearing your crown area of any plaque or debris if you wish to maintain your good oral health. Read more

What To Expect From Your Root Canal

What To Expect From Your Root CanalThe news that you need a root canal is not something that anyone wants to hear, but it is a necessity if you wish to preserve the health of your mouth and the surface of your natural tooth. Root canals have something of a stigma attached to them that they’re uncomfortable, daunting, and painful, but modern dentistry has turned these ideas into rumors and nothing more. A root canal is actually a fairly simple process, and one that will often cause a person to experience very little or no pain at all! Read more