Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is The Most Common Oral Surgery

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is The Most Common Oral SurgeryWhen it comes to oral surgery, many millions of Americans are united by this one fact: They have all had their wisdom teeth removed. Whether a single tooth or the entire set, wisdom teeth have a tendency to cause issues within the mouth and need to be taken out.

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What Are The Steps For Recovering From Oral Surgery?

What Are The Steps For Recovering From Oral SurgeryRecovering from oral surgery is very similar to recovering from other forms of surgery. The key to a faster and more effective recovery is to ensure that you get plenty of rest and don’t overwork the affected are –, in this case your teeth and jaws.

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Understanding The Signs Of Gingivitis And Gum Disease

Understanding The Signs Of Gingivitis And Gum DiseaseEven if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, mouthwash commercials are always warning you about the perils of gum disease and gingivitis. What are these two conditions? Are they the same, related, or different? And what are the signs you should be alert to?

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To Maximize Your Mouth’s Health, Don’t Put Off Oral Surgery

To Maximize Your Mouth’s Health, Don’t Put Off Oral SurgeryIf your dentist has advised you that you need oral surgery, it’s important to see to it as soon as you realistically can in order to preserve the health of your mouth.

There are many situations in which you might benefit from oral surgery. One of the most common is when you need to have a tooth extracted.

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Understanding Dental Implants

Understanding Dental ImplantsThese days, there is one specific type of dental procedure that is getting a lot of attention – dental implants, and with good reason. Today’s dental implants are often much easier for dentists to place, provide incredible results, and don’t cost as much as many people assume. We’ve noticed some misconceptions about implants, and some confusion that should be cleared up. The prospect of having implants may seem frightening, but if you learn more about them you’ll likely see that they could be just what you’re looking for as well. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Oral Surgery Anymore

Why You Shouldn't Fear Oral Surgery AnymoreFor decades, dentists have been one of the nation’s big fears. In fact, some surveys found that people were more afraid of the dentist than they were of dying, public speaking, and many other common phobias. The reason generally comes down to pain, but other factors could play into it as well. However, the reality is that today you really don’t have to be afraid of oral surgery. It’s a common process that millions have done each year in one way or another, and taking a closer look at it will help you get past the fears. Read more