What You Should Expect Before And After A Tooth Extraction

What You Should Expect Before And After A Tooth ExtractionThere are a number of reasons why a tooth extraction is performed at Community Dental Group such as to decrease the risk of infection occurring, following a traumatic mouth injury, improving tooth alignment, and removing an infection. If we completed an examination of your mouth and have recommended extracting a tooth, there are certain concerns that must be addressed both before and after the procedure is performed. Read more

When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

When Is A Root Canal Necessary?Studies regarding the dental pulp (roots and soft matter beneath the teeth) as well as the treatment of it are a dental specialty more commonly known as endodontics. One of the many endodontic procedures that we perform here at Community Dental Group is endodontic or “root canal” therapy. In most cases, we recommend root canal therapy if one or more of your tooth have suffered severe decay. Rather than performing an extraction, the nerve is removed and then the tooth is sealed in order to restore it. Read more

Primary Reasons For Tooth Extractions

Primary Reasons For Tooth ExtractionsFor many individuals, a tooth extraction can be a traumatic experience. However, the dentists here at Community Dental Group always strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Whether or not sedation is required depends entirely on the individual and their state of mind regarding the procedure. Here are some considerations to be aware of where having a tooth extracted is concerned. Read more

Oral Surgery Post-Operative Recovery Guidelines

Oral Surgery Post-Operative Recovery GuidelinesOnce an oral surgery procedure has been completed at Community Dental Group, the focus shifts to recovery and the patient healing as quickly as possible. Your dentist will provide you with some post-operative recovery instructions to ensure that there is no risk of infection or surgical site trauma. The following guidelines are provided to every oral surgery patient in the hopes that the recovery period proceeds as pain-free and smoothly as possible. Read more

Most Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Most Common Oral Surgery ProceduresOur dentists typically recommend oral surgery procedures when non-surgical treatments are ineffective for treating certain dental conditions and problems. In most cases, the surgical procedures discussed below focus on the different components of your jaw bone structure and your oral cavity (i.e. mouth). Read more

Knowing When To Consider Oral Surgery

Knowing When To Consider Oral SurgeryIt’s safe to say that whenever you visit your dentist, the last thing you want to hear is that you need to have oral surgery in order to correct a specific dental problem. No doubt the term “oral surgery” has a way of breeding anxiety and fear. But sometimes it becomes necessary in order to preserve your overall health and well-being. Having to undergo oral surgery is attributed to the following conditions: Read more

Is Your Child A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

Is Your Child A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?Regardless of their age, no child ever looks forward to visiting the dentist. However, for some, their anxiety is founded in a traumatic or unpleasant experience that occurred when they visited the dentist in the past. Community Dental Group knows that children who have had bad experiences in the past will be reluctant to visit our office. However, in most cases, a sedation procedure or treatment can relieve those fears in a single visit. Read more

3 Post-Operative Tips To Follow While Recovering From Oral Surgery

3 Post-Operative Tips To Follow While Recovering From Oral SurgeryFrom the simplest of dental surgical procedures to those that are more complex and tedious, the key to optimal recovery is following the post-operative instructions that your oral surgeon will provide you with. Whether you are fearless of going to the dentist or are a bundle of nerves about it, oral surgery may be the solution that will save your overall health. So it is imperative that you understand how to cope during the healing and recovery period. Here are 3 post-operative tips that we typically offer our patients.


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Sedation Dentistry And The Individuals Who Benefit From It

Sedation Dentistry And The Individuals Who Benefit From ItMost individuals who visit the dentist are always hopeful of having the most comfortable and relaxed experience possible. However, for those individuals who suffer with anxieties and phobias about going to the dentist, the experience is anything but. These individuals are good candidates for sedation dentistry. Basically, they can address their dental problems and alleviate their fears of visiting the dentist thereby restoring their oral health in a more relaxed and comfortable state. Read more

What Are The Main Reasons To Consider Oral Surgery For Dental Implants?

What Are The Main Reasons To Consider Oral Surgery For Dental Implants?When patients first find out that they might benefit from oral surgery, it’s not unusual to feel a little bit intimidated. After all, most people consider surgery to be a major step and something that could have significant complications. Read more