Is A Good Toothbrush Really Important?

Is A Good Toothbrush Really Important?You all know why you need to brush your teeth; it is essential for good oral health and it can provide you with fresh breath, healthy gums, and strong teeth.  As long as you are using a toothbrush and toothpaste, it doesn’t matter what kind of toothbrush you use, right? Actually, it does matter.

Powered or Manual

This depends on you, the user.  If you have trouble with arthritis or manual dexterity, you might want to consider a powered toothbrush. A powered model is great for use because it does a better job in cleaning your back teeth, which can be tough to reach. For children, a powered toothbrush can help them to reach and cover all of the areas in their mouth with less effort than a manual brush. For those who don’t have any problems with joints or dexterity, a manual toothbrush will work just as well, as long as you take the time and get all of your teeth covered.

Head Size

Your toothbrush should have a head that is small enough to maneuver around inside your mouth and cover all of the surfaces of your teeth. When you choose a head that is larger, you might not be able to get it to the back of your mouth where the bacteria and plaque will grow. Be sure that the handle of the brush feels comfortable in your hand.

Type of Bristle

The most recommended bristle type is soft.  Though you can often choose to get medium or hard bristles, these textures can actually cause more damage than good to your gums and enamel. A soft bristle brush is tough enough to remove plaque from your teeth and keep your comfortable without causing damage.

Approved by the American Dental Association

Always look for a toothbrush that has been proven to be effective and safe by the ADA.  The approval seal means that the bristles have safe tips and will not fall out when you brush. It also means that the brush will remove plaque and build-up on your teeth effectively. At Community Dental group, our dentists can also give you a recommendation if you ask.

By keeping these few guidelines in mind, you’ll find a brush that you love in no time. The thing to remember is to buy a brush that you will use regularly to ensure maximum health benefits and keep your teeth super-clean between dental visits.

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