The Proper Way To Brush Daily

The Proper Way To Brush Daily While it’s important to make sure you’re brushing your teeth regularly, it’s also important that you’re brushing correctly. Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your overall oral health, and we at Community Dental Group want to help you to master the ultimate brushing technique! A few tips to keep in mind while brushing your teeth are:

  1. Use an extra soft brush – A hard bristled brush, or a toothbrush that has become stiff with age, is a toothbrush that will actually harm your teeth. You could be doing everything else right, and you could still find yourself with tooth damage if you don’t pay attention to the type of brush you’re using. Stiff toothbrushes will scratch and wear away the natural enamel on your teeth, and leave you susceptible to tooth damage and decay.
  2. Go for 2 full minutes – 2 full minutes is the brushing time you should be shooting for, as this will allow you to spend ample time on each quadrant of the mouth. The mouth has 4 quadrants, and each is just as important as the next, so dedicating 30 seconds to each will ensure you get a thorough and clean brushing.
  3. Pay attention to all surfaces – Your tooth has a biting or chewing surface, and outer surface, and an inner surface, and it’s important to pay attention to all three. While brushing each quadrant, make sure to cover each portion of the tooth’s surface equally, as this will allow you to clear plaque away from each individual region successfully.
  4. Be gentle – Hard brushing can cause you to damage your teeth even with a soft toothbrush, and it can actually cause you to leave plaque and debris rather than clear it. Your teeth are not a dirty dish or grimy countertop, and scrubbing harder does not make for a better clean! Your toothbrush will work more effectively when you brush gently, and if you need help in this department, an electronic toothbrush has been shown to help users to brush up to 30{3b0f9398becb40f4bdd8fe95c600d2c252c33730296b97da1b334948809cb5c4} gentler.

By following these simple rules while brushing twice a day, you can be well on your way to a healthier and cleaner mouth. We at Community Dental Group want to spread the word to all of our patients about healthy brushing, and we know the positive impact that a great brushing routine can have!

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