Types Of Floss

Types Of FlossYou’ve always heard that you’re supposed to floss daily, which seems simple enough. But if you walk down the oral health care aisle at your local convenience store, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with the number of flossing options available. Where do you begin, and what floss should you choose?


Why Floss?


When we eat, tiny food particles become stuck between the crevices of our teeth. If they are not removed, these food particles can eventually develop into sticky plaque. Flossing is beneficial because it removes the food particles and bacteria that our toothbrush cannot reach.

Not flossing can lead to gum disease, causing your gums to bleed and become sensitive. If left untreated, gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss and a host of other oral health problems.


Choosing Floss


• Waxed Floss – Waxed floss is best for those with tight gaps between their teeth. Waxed floss can slide between your teeth easier than unwaxed floss.

• Unwaxed Floss – If you do not have tight gaps between your teeth, feel free to use unwaxed floss. Unwaxed floss may be a bit cheaper than waxed floss.

• Floss Picks – Floss picks are a convenient way to floss because they are attached to a plastic handle. Floss picks are more expensive than a roll of floss.


There is no downside to choosing a flavored floss, either. If you prefer the taste and it encourages you to floss, feel free to choose a flavored floss.

If you cannot find floss that you like or are overwhelmed trying to pick one, feel free to contact your trusted local dentist. Your local dentist knows your oral health history and issues that you may be dealing with. They can recommend the floss best for you.