Types of Toothbrushes

Types of ToothbrushesIs it time to replace your toothbrush again? You should purchase a new toothbrush every four to six months. There are so many different options available, so how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s some ways to tell.

Head Size
The number one factor for how clean your teeth will get is the size of the toothbrush head. If you choose a toothbrush with a huge head, it will not be able to fit into your mouth and around all the narrow places that you need to reach. A smaller head gives you more flexibility and will allow you to better clean your back teeth and your gumline. Too small of a head, however, will cause you to brush more because it has less surface area. So you’ll have to be sure you are brushing all the surfaces of your teeth.

Bristle Stiffness
You’ve probably noticed that toothbrushes come in soft, medium and hard options. If you choose too hard of a brush, it can cause damage to your teeth and wear down your gumline. If you choose too soft of a brush, it won’t do an adequate job of cleaning your teeth. Most dentists and dental hygienists recommend a brush that is medium-soft in order to properly clean teeth, but also not cause gum damage.

Electric V.S. Manual
You can also choose between electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes. Most dentists agree that both do an equally good job of cleaning your teeth, as long as they are used properly. Some people prefer the feeling of an electric toothbrush, while others don’t like the noise it makes and the maintenance.

Electric toothbrushes are a great option for people with impaired fine motor skills, or who may be injured. Electric toothbrushes also can be a good option for kids who may not be able to properly reach all the places in their mouths yet. Some come with a timer built in to remind kids (and adults) that they should be brushing for a specific amount of time.

Manual toothbrushes do not require a charge and are a better option for people who travel a lot. They are cheaper, and easier to replace. You can choose from a variety of colors and even characters for kids in order to get them excited about brushing. Manual toothbrushes provide a different level of control over your teeth cleaning, and can work just as well as the electric version.

If you have further questions about the best kind of toothbrush for you, be sure to speak with us about it. We’ll be happy to recommend the best option for your mouth.

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